Henry tailors all of his presentations to fit your specific needs and desires. His methods include the delivery of keynotes, seminars, workshops, one on one and group coaching, etc. Whether on site at your location or off site, Henry promises to deliver an exciting, entertaining, and unforgettable experience that the audience will be able to implement immediately upon walking out the door. Henry has delivered countless presentations throughout his business career to a host of diverse audiences, in locations around the country. His evaluations always reflect the highest marks and his audience always delivers the highest accolades. You are invited to “see for yourself” by contacting Henry at 704-401-8389 orHLJoseph@mac.com. Some of Henry’s most powerful programs include: 

1. How to Deliver Every Presentation with Power, Punch and Pizzazz

It’s a well known fact that people who present themselves well are perceived as more intelligent, professional, successful, popular, personable, likeable, and trustworthy. With this, presenting yourself well is a balanced combination of many factors that I will teach you in this course. 

When you finish my course, YOU WILL:

    • Handle yourself more confidently and with style and finesse, whether you are speaking to 
      one person or a group of 100.

    • Captivate your listeners by getting your message out in a clear and concise fashion, 
      securing your success.

    • Project poise and professionalism, developing comfort and confidence in your audience.

    • Persuade people to act on what you say.

Whether you make presentations on an occasional or regular basis, this course, which is based on my bestselling book “How to Present Every Presentation with Power, Punch and Pizzazz” is designed for people like you. It covers both the basic and advanced skills necessary for you to effectively develop and deliverer presentations necessary for you to excel in your every speaking endeavor.

You will know how to develop and deliver high impact presentations and will learn:

    • How to master the characteristics of successful presenters.
    • How to avoid the twelve most common mistakes presenters make.
    • How to utilize the five steps to deal with speaker's anxiety.
    • How to build instant rapport and connect with your audience.
    • How to plan your presentation.
    • How to use the six dynamic ways to open your presentation
    • How to master the fifteen ways to keep your audience’s attention.
    • How to never ‘be boring’ during a presentation. 
    • How to get and use humor.
    • How to effectively use audiovisuals to enhance your presentation.
    • How to utilize the ten key elements all PowerPoint presentations must have.
    • How to effectively use body language when delivering your presentation.
    • How to master the seven strategies for closing your presentation.
    • How to provide self-observatory feedback via videotaping (optional). -Much, Much More.

This workshop format includes group and individual discussions/exercises specifically designed to help you learn the finer points of successful presentation skills. To do this, you will actually (Depending on the time and format of the session), have the opportunity to develop a presentation and present a segment of it during the workshop, with your fellow participants comprising the audience. This is a great chance to have fun, and receive constructive feedback from me and the audience of your peers in a safe and non-threatening environment. Finally, each presentation will be videotaped (if requested in the initial package) so that the toughest critic (yourself) can view the presentation as many times as necessary in order to improve your presentation skills. (NOTE: Videotaping is available upon request only, and is not available for short sessions due to time constraints).

2. How to Create Teams That Work… Transform Groups into Teams

Are you tired of the phrase “doing more with less”? I am too. That is why I am dedicated to bringing this program to you and your organization. Transforming groups into teams is the ticket to surefire productivity in this fast paced world of “produce” or “get out of the way”. The teams that produce are the teams that win and true production can only be achieved through synergistic corporation and interdependence amongst its members.

I will teach you how to:

    • Eliminate miscommunication
    • Do away with misunderstandings
    • Phase out misperceptions
    • Conquer conflicts
    • Eradicate external and internal strife
    • Knock out stress, eliminating it’s power over your teams

Mia Hamm, retired world champion soccer player once said: “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion”.

As the Vice-President of Southwest Airlines stated: “It doesn’t matter whether its two full-time jobs; four or twelve that one person has to do. Our productivity is the result of the trust we have with each other. If you have the right trust, working relationships, teamwork, environment and positive communication, the work gets done.”

Henry will work with the participants of this program to show them how to connect with others to forge team relationships and enhance workplace trust, camaraderie, and an overall powerful team mindset. As a result of this lesson, individuals will develop a robust conviction in the power of interdependence, which will ultimately foster stronger teams by enhancing workplace relationships ultimately improving the workflow process. The communication strategies the participants will learn are the key for a more positive, productive and profitable organization.

Specifically you will walk away with: (please note, the actual topics will be based on the clients challenges, needs, concerns and the time available)

    • How to build cooperation, rapport, relationships and connect with team members 
      (communication styles exercise assessment tool)
    • Guidelines and Ground Rules top teams follow
    • Benchmarks: Top company team building philosophies
    • Twelve Communication Do’s and Don’ts
    • How to SOFTEN your Image to make your more approachable, likeable and trustworthy
    • How to say “NO” and give feedback in a positive and respectful way
    • The five ways to avoid misunderstandings that destroy teams
    • The three key factors that build trust within a team
    • The six keys to get everyone singing your praises
    • The twelve steps to make team meetings more effective
    • The seven step process for reducing and resolving conflicts
    • The characteristics and traits of the best working teams
    • How to deal with and resolve conflicts on the team
    • Your Case Studies

And much much more.

3. Coaching for Excellence – How to Help Others Bring out the Best in Themselves…AND become masters in the art of UNTOUCHABLE LEADERSHIP.

  • Why don’t people change after they attend training?

    • Doesn’t so and so realize that they are treating people harshly and unfairly?

    • We’ve got the talent and resources, so why then is our team not functioning or producing like 
      we should?

    • How can we get our high performers to reach even higher?

    • How can we help our low performers achieve more and in turn deliver more to our 
      company’s bottom line?

These are just some of the questions that are raised by leaders, managers, employees, and companies on  a regular basis.

As a famous actor once said “What does it take to change the essence of a man”?  (or woman for that matter).

I’ll tell you what it takes:

It takes more than training, and more than consulting…. It takes a dedicated individual who’s willing to spend the time COACHING others in order to help them change and improve.

In this format, Henry will reveal some of the most sought after methods that your leaders will need to know in order to successfully coach their employees, peers and even supervisors. Coaching is an art that takes heart, dedication and constant training/learning to master. Henry will share time tested methods with the audience on how to coach using a multidirectional format.

Specifically, Henry will teach you how to:

    • Understand the basics and foundations of effective coaching.
    • Recognize when coaching is needed. 
    • Effectively coach members of your team.
    • Effectively coach your colleagues and supervisors. 
    • Recognize the differences between coaching, consulting, and counseling. 
    • Do away with misunderstandings about coaching. 
    • Phase out misperceptions about coaching.
    • Avoid the most common pitfalls when coaching others.

Actor John Russell once said: "I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."

"Make no mistake, as you change your leadership style to one of a coach you will face challenges. There will be times when you question why am I doing this. However, you must at all times keep the long term benefits of being a coach at the forefront of your mind." 
- Byron & Catherine Pulsifer, from Challenges in Adopting a Coaching Style

4. How to Get to Yes - Boost Your Power of Persuasion in your Practice of UNTOUCHABLE LEADERSHIP.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey said it best:

“The whole key to human influence is first to be influenced. The key to having influence with another person is that they felt that they had influence with you. You were open to them, to what they were saying and feeling”.

Similarly, the key to persuading, motivating and influencing others on your ideas, services and concerns is to understand others first before having them understand you. 

We are all different in some way, coming from different backgrounds, cultures, belief systems, age groups, genders etc and to truly understand and eventually persuade another person, we must empathizes with who they truly are. I am not writing about manipulation or trickery, but instead the positive aspects of true persuasion. 

To do this, we must adopt the Platinum Rule as opposed to the Golden Rule. The Golden rule states “Treat everyone like you would like to be treated” where as the Platinum Rule states “Treat everyone like they would like to be treated”. In fact, if you communicate the same way with everyone from your perspective, your chances of influencing others are going to be dramatically diminished.

Your words, gestures, listening skills, body language, ability to read and understand others, “sales” quotient, presentation style, personal presence, perceived trustworthiness, likeability and other factors all play a part on your ability to influence others.

This creative, interactive, entertaining, and information-packed session will provide you with an exciting real life journey into the exhilarating world of influence, connection and persuasion.

I have structured this session in an easy to understood “How To” format providing you with tools, techniques and solutions that you can apply NOW:

Depending on your unique challenges and needs, topics covered will include:

    • How to persuade and influence others by understanding their communication styles
    • How to used sure fire steps to “Getting to Yes” and building win-win relationships
    • How to use your body language to influence others and give you an almost “unfair advantage”
    • How to use three reliable inhibitors to influencing others
    • How to communicate differently with men and women to extend your influence
    • How to use time tested tips and techniques to successfully deal with different generations
    • How to apply the best influencing style for each and every situation
    • How to differentiate between the Myths, Facts and Feelings about persuading, motivating 
      and influencing others
    • How to apply the #1 rule in persuading and influencing others
    • How to use the influencing do’s and avoid the influencing don’ts
    • How to break free of deadlocks
    • How to ask the right questions necessary for you to get others to see things your way
    • How to understand sources of power and use them to influence others
    • How to break down barriers and limitations to successful influencing and negotiating
    • How to trade concessions effectively when influencing and negotiating with others
    • How to apply the SOFTEN technique so your body language displays “like and trust”
    • How to avoid misunderstandings by utilizing utilize three simple methods
    • How to apply 12 presentation tips to influence anyone, anytime, anywhere
    • How to show enthusiasm and conviction to persuade and influence others
    • How to use the right words and avoid the wrong ones
    • How to use five easy steps to influence adversaries
    • How to employ appropriate Tactics, Ploys and Gambits to get your point across

And much much more…

5. How to Keep Customers for Life… and Create a WOW Customer Experience

Where do customers rank on the ladder of importance in your business? They should be at the top because without them, your business would not exist. Exceptional customer service is paramount to not only getting great customers, but also keeping the ones you have coming back for more. The level of approval provided by customers is directly linked to the quality of your customer service, and in this session, I will provide you with time tested methods and solutions to significantly help you improve customer relations.

Specifically, I will help you to:

    • Retain your current customers.
    • Acquire positive word of mouth, enthusiastic referrals from customers.
    • Instill a "wow" feeling about you, your company and your services in every customer 
    • Apply six key ingredients to keep customers for life and get them singing your praises.
    • Learn what other accomplished companies and organizations are doing to succeed with 
      their customers,
    • Learn five easy methods you can employ right now to keep customers.
    • Learn the true meaning of “good customer service”.
    • Turn decisive moments into moments of magic.
    • Make every meeting and transaction positive, memorable, special and much much more …

We spend 5 times more trying to get new customers than we do to keep the ones we already have. This session will instill in you and your employees the knowledge necessary to build exceptional customer relationships and an unwavering culture of customer care.

6. How to Create Enduring Connections… Build Rapport, Solidify Relationships and Connect with Others

“The #1 Most Important Single Ingredient in the Formula for Success is Knowing How to Get Along and Connect with People” Teddy Roosevelt

Building positive connections, enhancing emotional intelligence and transforming interpersonal skills will not only boost your bottom line, but it will boost your company's morale in the process and help you become a true practitioner of UNTOUCHABLE LEADERSHIP.

    • If retaining employees is important to you… 
    • If improving morale is important to you… 
    • If getting things done more efficiently and effectively is important to you… 
    • If building better teams is important to you… 
    • If enhance managers and leaders effectiveness is important to you…
    • If improving customer service is important to you…
    • If winning new customers is important to you…
    • If closing more sales is important to you…
    • If increasing job satisfaction is important to you…
    • If getting customers and co-workers to sing your praises is important to you…

Then this program is for you!

This program is based on the book, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere … 8 keys to creating enduring connections with customers, co-workers …even kids” by Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss.

We will focus on topics such as:

    • How to: Enhance working relationships and teamwork.
    • How to: Build cooperation, likeability and trust.
    • How to: Understand and adapt to different communication styles. 
    • How to: Communicate in a clear, concise and understandable manner.
    • How to: Avoid misunderstandings
    • How to: Become a better listener.
    • How to: Eliminate insensitivity, rudeness and incivility.
    • How to: Deal with difficult people.
    • How to: Banish words that destroy relationships
    • How to: Say no when necessary and provide feedback in a positive and constructive way.
    • How to: Understand body language.
    • How to: Reduce anger.
    • How to: Make every meeting and transaction interactive, positive, memorable and special…
    • How to: Promote a positive, productive and profitable organization and much much more!

“Whatever is broken in your organization cannot be fixed until your employees are.” 
- Author of Break all the rules 

7. How to Master Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Yourself… EI: What it is and Why it Matters to You Your Company and the practice of UNTOUCHABLE LEADERSHIP

According to a Harvard and Stanford University study, only 15% of your success in working effectively with people will be due to your technical skills and 85% will be due to your ability to connect, get along with, and your emotional intelligence.

We have all heard the term “Emotional Intelligence” repeatedly in the work place and in our personal lives.

    • What is Emotional Intelligence?
    • What does it mean and how can it help me get what I want out of life personally and 

If you find yourself asking questions similar to the above, or want to see a mocked improvement in employee morale, teamwork, interpersonal relations, happiness and sincere consideration for others in the work place; then this course is a perfect fit for you and/or your company.
Emotional Intelligence is the ability and skill of people (leaders, employees etc) to understand and manage themselves and their emotions. Experts say it can make or break careers and elevate executive leadership to higher levels of success.

Learn the ins and outs of Emotional Intelligence and why it is so important to excel in this crucial ability from Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Author Henry J. Lescault.

    • Whether you have read the top self-help books on the market.
    • Whether you have attended some of the best self help training centered on personal and 
      professional improvement. 
    • Whether you have learned from some great sources such as “The 7 Habits of Highly 
      Effective People”, “The One Minute Manager”, or “Who Moved My Cheese”. 
    • Whether you have attended assertiveness training and team boot camps.
    • Whether you have studied left-brain/right-brain theories and communication skills.

It’s now time to tie it all together with this session on emotional intelligence.

What makes Emotional Intelligence different from all the other theories self-improvement? Research throughout the past two decades indicates that emotional intelligence is a key factor to career and company success and overall happiness.

Emotional Intelligence can be further described as “a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.”

Various research sources build a case for improved EI in the workplace, because it contributes to the bottom line. From small companies to large organizations, EI helps with employee satisfaction, retention and overall morale.

In this fast paced world of bottom lines, profit margins, policies and procedures, people in business tend to focus entirely on the process and forget about the populace. While not eliminating the importance of these functional methodologies, EI emphasizes the value of the individual and the weight that true interdependence plays in the business environment.

Training dollars are better spent when managers know what they are looking for when improving their intellectual assets. Furthermore, customer service strategies and skills are honed when employees are more emotionally intelligent.

While there are several ways to improve EI, including professional coaching, training and education, it all starts with an understanding of what EI is and how improvement can increase employee satisfaction, retention and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.