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Preschool Pitt Meadows

Preschool Pitt Meadows

Early learning is important to your child’s future. Research has found that the most formative years in a child’s development are from birth to age 5. These are the years when the child is learning at a fast pace and is discovering his world around him. Parents want to find the best possible preschool in Pitt Meadows. A top preschool will offer more than babysitting services. CEFA offers a comprehensive early learning program for children ages 1 through 5.

Choosing a Preschool in Pitt Meadows

There are many choices when it comes to finding a preschool in Pitt Meadows. Ideally, you want to choose a facility that offers the best curriculum as well as a place your child will enjoy. The answer is likely CEFA preschool in Pitt Meadows. Our early learning centers are designed specifically for your child’s most formative years up to the age of 5.

CEFA is dedicated to providing a well-rounded curriculum that includes the core subjects as well as others such as physical fitness and fine arts. Best of all, children don’t feel as though they are learning. We incorporate many different age-appropriate learning methods such as interactive and hands-on play and games to help teach young children.

Young children will begin to learn the building blocks of language, reading, math and science and will start to prepare to excel in academics. Teachers present material and assist children in learning while at the same time taking note of what subjects are most interesting to each particular child.

CEFA Curriculum

Our proprietary curriculum program was created to enrich young children’s minds and give them the start they need as they prepare for their academic future. Young children you learn language and reading skills early are more likely to enjoy school and do well throughout their educational careers.

Our literacy program introduces children to basic vocabulary using a combination of specially developed games as well as props and songs. The reading program uses phonics along with the seven essential components of reading to develop reading skills. Parents can use the letter by letter method at home to boost a child’s knowledge. Children who are good at reading are better equipped to succeed in school.

Young children can start to learn the basics of writing by taking part in drawing that teaches lines, curves and letters. They develop their fine motor skills so they can manipulate a pencil. These skills are taught through fun games and other activities that children enjoy.

Enrollment in our CEFA programs generally begins in the spring. Our programs start in September and run through August. Your child may enroll during the year if openings arise. A gradual entry program helps kids assimilate into the classroom so they can join the class at a pace that is appropriate. Some families may be able to take advantage of a new child care subsidy. A subsidy can make preschool in Pitt Meadows more affordable for all families. Visit our website to learn more about our outstanding programs and to begin the application process.

Preschool Pitt Meadows
Preschool Pitt Meadows
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