About Henry J. Lescault

Henry is the President and CEO of an Executive/Leadership Coaching, Education and Leadership Development Company, where he helps customers ZERO IN on Excellence via a host of creative and innovative professional develoment methodologies. He is the co-author of “Deliver Every Presentation with Power, Punch, and Pizazz! The Ultimate How - To Guide – Packed with Tips, Tools and Solutions to Boost Your Presentation Skills, Personal Presence and Communication IQ” and an experienced leader, presenter, personal presence expert, and leadership coach. Additionally, Henry is a 21-year veteran Special Agent with the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and currently serves as the Division Chief of ATF’s Liaison Division. Henry has served in numerous law enforcement and leadership roles as a police officer, special agent and leader/manager and leadership coach, and in doing so has become an expert in the criticality of great teamwork and the art of “showing up” with confidence and charisma. 

Henry’s leadership roles within the Department of Justice (ATF) include supervisory and managerial positions in various offices around the country in both an office and field environment. During his tenured career as a Special Agent and leader within ATF, Henry has worked diligently to bring some of the most violent criminals to justice and in doing so, has learned invaluable lessons about individual and team interaction. With high tension leadership assignments ranging from undercover operations, tactical operations, complex and sophisticated criminal investigations of violent street gangs, firearm traffickers, and societies worst of the worst criminals, to making countless expert presentations on behalf of his mission, Henry doesn’t know the meaning of the word impossible. Coupled with his behavioral science and leadership-based education, Henry is an experienced leader, who understands the intricacies that make a team tick. Henry has taken his unique and proven methods in fostering teamwork and unit presence from his 25 years of experience in the government and private sectors, and fashioned them into a rare and exceptional experience for his clients and audiences, by applying diverse and time-tested techniques coupled with humor and a vivacious attitude to successfully motivate his audiences and clients.

As the President and founder of UNTOUCHABLE LEADERSHIP and EXECUTIVE COACHING LLC, Henry takes the holistic, creative, and never quit positive attitude he’s known for and brings it to you and your company to help take your achievement and growth to the highest levels possible. The result being their ability to effectively and creatively employ the methods taught, thereby producing the greatest possible return on investment for themselves and their companies.

His vast experiences in field situations, where good solid teamwork can “save a life” to the office, where good solid teamwork can “save a company” is vast and filled with colorful and insightful stories in order to entertain while he educates his audiences/clients. 

In his capacity as a Leadership Coach, Henry has worked successfully with clients and executives from the Federal Government, United States Military, and assorted fortune 500 companies. He has always received accolades and appreciation for his sincere, holistic and tenacious approach to coaching from his clients, where he strives to be present and to hold them and their stories in the utmost confidence and meaning.

Henry is a certified Leadership Coach, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a certified Law Enforcement Instructor and a trained and experienced Franklin Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Facilitator. Henry’s expertise lies in the field of presentation skills, leadership, leadership coaching, teamwork and communication. His book, Deliver Every Presentation with Power, Punch, and Pizzazz is due out in early 2011.

Mission Statement

I am committed to: 
    • Helping people and corporations take their presentation, teamwork and interpersonal skills to the highest level. 
    • As an author and expert in the area of presentation proficiency, personal presence, Teamwork and Coaching, 
      to helping others hone their skills in the delicate art of charisma and communication aptitude (CCA).

    • Utilizing my years of experience as a Professional Speaker, Leader, Manager, Special Agent, Sociologist and 
      Certified Leadership Coach, to utilize the delivery of key notes, seminars, training programs, facilitations as 
      well as coaching in both a one on one and group environment to help my clients ZERO IN on Excellence in all 
      that they do. 

    • Never quitting and instilling that never quit attitude into the clients I serve.

    • Believing that anything is possible for myself and my clients, and that I can help them get to wherever it is 
      they need to be personally and professionally. 

Customer Service Philosophy
I believe that my customers/clients are whole, capable beings, who may need assistance in the realization of their potential, and that my caring and sincere application of holistic and innovative methodologies are a way to help them get to where they want to be.

I believe that my customers/clients are active and busy individuals. With that in mind, I remain realistically flexible and open when it comes to scheduling and facilitating coaching and or public speaking engagements. 

I believe that my customers/clients deserve the best service and respect possible, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve them.